Saturday, August 21, 2010

Style 101

 -(Photographer: DeAan Pridgeon/ Model: My Alter Ego)-

I absolutely L.O.V.E. fashion!  I don't know what girl doesn't love it.  I'm the kind of girl that loves to take pictures of my clothes and kind of let my alter ego come out (lol) in the picture above.  People that know me know that I'm usually the more quiet, sweet, and humble one out the group but it's something about taking pictures that makes me want to act like this other person who is more fierce and outgoing than the everyday me.  I tell people that I have a face of many faces simply because I can look one way on this day and look completely different another day (lol).  I have yet to come up with a name like Beyonce has named her alter ego "Sasha Fierce".  It's crazy how a little makeup, heels, & a new yet cute outfit can bring out this inner confidence.  
Like some say, If you think you look feel good.  
So yeah...I've always enjoyed playing dress up and putting together different outfits.  I actually don't have a specific style.  I dress according to how I feel.  I like the whole 1950's vintage & modern styles, bohemian chic styles, and glamorous styles.  My favorite store used to be Forever 21 but I've been disappointed lately in their selection of fashion.  I actually like H&M.  Their clothes are more sophisticated looking for the average woman in her 20's and early 30's than stores like Forever 21.  The quality seems to be better but I must say I LOVE Anthropologie!  That would be my favorite store if I could afford it (lol).  They have a lot of vintage styles.  I want to eventually upgrade my style collection and also get rid of clothes that I don't wear often.  
Below are photos of some styles I admire:

(I like everything except for the outfit Lindsay Lohan is wearing in the photo)
(Nicole Richie has great style!)
(I love the color combinations in this outfit)
(Lauren Conrad)
(Love the Shoes!...Solange Knowles's Shoe Collection)
(Solange Knowles)
(Alicia Keys poses as First Lady Michelle Obama..Love the Blue Dress!)
(Never underestimate a first lady's sense of style...Michelle Obama's got class!)
(Alicia Keys)
(Alicia Keys)
(Alicia Keys-Love that Jacket!)
("Sasha Fierce")
(Victoria Beckham)
(Sarah Jessica Parker)
(Halle Berry)
(Street Fashion)
(This blogger's got Style!  Check her blog:
(Blogger with style)
(Jennifer Lopez)
(street chic)
(simple but cute)

(Country chic)
(I like the boyish look she's got going on)

(Lovin' This style!)
(Cute the outfits)

(Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio-Love her boots)
(There's something about this outfit I like...maybe its the scarf)
(Not so sure about the last outfit on the right)
(Lovin' the pants)
(Lovin' the vintage look)

(This blogger also has great style.  Check her out:
(Kim Kardashian-Love the color combination)
(Sophisticated Lady)
(Geek/Preppy Look)
(Preppy Look)
(Military inspired)
(Those hats seem to be pretty popular right now)
(Hilary Duff)
(Olivia Palermo)
(Nicole Scherzinger-His face is priceless lol)
(Amanda Bynes)
(Love it)
(Vanessa Hudgens)
(Road trip essentials)
(This blogger's got style too! Check her out:
(Love this girl's style!  Check out her blog:
(I love the simplicity in her outfits)
-"Gotta luv these Fashionistas"-

"Love"-my favorite word of the day.

Now it's time for Clue Me In...

Clue Me In: How can I make a macrame necklace and a ruffled shirt?

(This part designer has great DIY projects.  Check her out:

--Be Inspired.  Be Creative.  Be You.--